Where did ski bikes begin?

Our Tngnt Story, Tngnt Ski Bikes, pronounced /tan’ jənt/, was founded in 2014. We are passionate about biking! The company founders met in the dawn of Mountain-Biking in the early 80’s. Since then the duo has ridden BMX, Downhill, Trials, Dirt Jump and just about everything else with two wheels. Their passion for biking is what drives the Tngnt Ski Bike brand.

After two years of intense development and testing we are ready to bring our product to riders everywhere. The Carve Ski Bike is designed to be stable in all conditions using our patent-pending ski retention system (SRS).



Tngnt Ski Bikes Inc. was founded by High School friends Scott Carr and Bill Pierce.  Growing up and participating in the mountain bike revolution of the 80’s and early 90’s, their passion has always lied with two wheels.  After dabbling in other ski bike startups, Scott approached Bill about designing their own ski bike that addressed many of the problems ski bikes were experiencing at the time.



Scott and Bill began to work diligently in designing and prototyping and all new generation of ski bike.  Using Bill’s background in professional design and aerospace technology and Scott’s vast knowledge of mountain bike and ski bike technology, they were able to create functional prototypes their first year in operation.



Scott and Bill hit the ground running.  Their bikes had good geometry, solid build quality, but still needed a killer feature to revolutionize the industry.  They realized the solution lied in the retention system, the area that connects the bike to the ski.  After designing, prototyping and vigorous testing, Tngnt SRS was created.  The system was created to emulate the motion, strength, and flexibility of the rider’s legs in order to create a safe, responsive ride.  Read more about Tngnt SRS here.

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