First time on a Tngnt Carve Ski Bike

First time on a Tngnt Carve Ski Bike

Is it your first time on a Tngnt Carve Ski Bike?

Not to worry, we are here to help.

If you are new to ski biking, you will need to spend significant time familiarizing yourself with the operation of your ski bike. Start on a wide, gradual slope. Practice carving, recognizing that most of the control of the ski bike is in the rear ski. Stay on the wide, gradual slope until you can ski bike in complete control. Lessons or ability check-outs are required at some ski areas. If you are new to ski biking, take a lesson if it is available.

The more experienced…

If you are an experienced rider, always take the time to become familiar with the unique aspects of your Tngnt ski bike. Your Tngnt ski bike has the best ski retention in the industry. Take the time to get accustomed to the carving and turning abilities of the ski bike. Always ride within your limits. Don’t jump, ride steep slopes or in icy conditions.

Reach out anytime, or check out our Youtube channel for awesome videos and tutorials.

If you have any questions, or if you feel anything about the ski bike is not as it should be, contact Tngnt Ski Bikes before you ride again.

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