How do you control your speed on a ski bike?

How to control speed on a ski bike

How to Control speed on a ski bike…

When you see your first ski bike, a thought that often runs through a person(s) head might be… WOW! Looks awesome! How do you control speed??

This my friends is a very valid question. And it is actually easy to answer!

Like with skiing, the most effective way to make sharp, good looking turns is to drive your inside heal. For example: if your goal is to turn right, you drive or put weight/pressure on your right heal. This same concept works for ski biking and it is in fact much more natural that you might imagine. That is the purpose of rotating pedals. People typically ask what the pedals are for… Now you know. This is one concept that separates Tngnt Ski Bikes from the rest. Most ski bikes do not have rotating pedals or rotating pegs. Most of the ski bikes out there in today’s market will offer a stationary platform that has no rotation at all, this actually inhibits your ability on the ski bike because you lose flexibility in your turn and it makes it that much harder to get a good heal drive for your turn.

So, when you see a Tngnt Ski Bike, and you are wondering why it has actual mountain bike pedals. Now you know!

A little recap:

To expand a little bit on the pedals and why they are a crucial part of your stability while riding.

  • Pedals give you a larger platform for your winter boots.
  • Pedals that ROTATE, are important because they assist when you drive your inside heal. NO RESISTANCE!
  • As long as the pedals have a spot for a pedal wrench, they should work.
  • Since pedals can be removed easily, this also gives you another component that you have the ability to customize on your bike.

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