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Adapting to all of the conditions

The Tngnt Drift Ski Bike

After a year and a half of intense development and testing, taking elements from the Carve, we are ready to bring the Drift to riders everywhere! The Drift is an affordable high performance hardtail ski bike that is designed to be stable in all conditions using our all new patent-pending ski retention system 2.0 (SRS).

The Tech Behind the Tngnt Drift Ski Bike

Our all new patent-pending ski retention system 2.0 (SRS) improves design, strength and durability. It provides the user with a stable feel while ripping your favorite trails, still giving you the playfulness you seek when entering the world of ski biking. We encourage users to read the user manual when setting up the SRS system.

Everyone can ride a ski bike

Ski biking is low-impact, lower-effort snow sport, and the Tngnt ski retention system provides an extremely predictable ride. Adaptive riders and others with knee injuries or strength limitations will be back on the slopes in no time.

Tngnt Drift Specs

*Full specs can be found on product page


2020 Tngnt Drift Frame


Spinner Cargo 120mm travel coil spring, custom Tngnt Axle to crown height, 15mm through axle, Tngnt cold weather tune


Tngnt ski bike specific – 99cm, 10m radius side-cut, 130mm tip, 117mm waist, 130mm tail

Pedals Included