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Most Frequently Asked Questions [updated]

What is a ski bike?

Ski bikes have been around for over 100 years. There are three types of ski bikes – Type I aka “ski bobs,” Type II aka “freestyle” or “pegger” and Type III aka “three skis.” Type II ski bikes provide the most bike-like feel since your feet aren’t in direct contact with the snow. Prior to the Tngnt Carve, Type II ski bikes were either too expensive (made by custom bicycle frame builders) or didn’t perform due to significant limitations in the ski retention system.

Can’t I just convert my mountain bike to a ski bike?

Many people have attempted to convert their mountain bike. However, conversion kits are expensive and require special tools to install. Conversions require you to remove your entire drive train to fit the conversion kit. Home-built conversions never perform well and are not allowed at most ski areas. And do you really want to turn your expensive mountain bike into a ski bike?

Where are the brakes?

Ski biking uses the same control principles as skiing and snowboarding – carving your way down the mountain. This naturally results in a controlled, back and forth motion with remarkable control. To most people, ski bikes are even easier to control due to the ability to use the handlebars to initiate a turn. The Tngnt ski retention system is designed to allow for quick “hockey stop” style stops if needed.

How do you get it up the mountain?

Ski biking is a lift-accessed snow sport.

How do I load a ski bike on the lift?

The procedure is simple. You can either lay the bike over your lap (which is great for smaller riders), prop the bike up vertically, or use the saddle to hook on the restraint bar if the lift has a pull-down restraint bar. Most resorts require the bike to be tethered to the rider during the lift ride, so the Tngnt Carve comes with a safety strap.

Is it safe?

Most people find that ski biking on a Tngnt Carve is actually easier than skiing or snowboarding. Falling is rare. If you get into trouble you can jump off the bike and the bike will simply tip over. Always ride in control.

Where can I ride?

Just like in the early days of snowboarding, not all resorts allow ski bikes. 150+ resorts (and growing) allow ski bikes. Notables such as Vail Group Resorts (Vail, Park City, Northstar, Heavenly, and others) allow ski bikes at all their resorts. Check the American Ski Bike Association website for the latest list.

Why are your feet side-by-side?

The Tngnt Carve was designed to ride like a bike. Since the bike uses gravity and there is no need to pedal, the pedals are placed side-by-side at the bottom bracket, similar to a motorcycle position (though the bike uses a standard bottom bracket thread, allowing for cranks to be added if you want your ski bike that much more bike-like).

How hard is it to ride?

Riding the bike is easier than you would think. As you make your way down the mountain, turns are initiated with the handlebars, and weight should always shift to the uphill pedal. With your weight on the uphill pedal, there is no way to catch an edge. Hip and leg control is similar to snowboarding, but with your feet in a different position. Most people take two or three runs to be making good turns on the Tngnt Carve. Most existing snowboarders make turns right on their first lift ride.

What makes a Tngnt Carve different?

Though ski biking is a new sport, there are a few companies out there making ski bikes. None provide the value of a Tngnt Carve. The Tngnt ski retention system is by far the best ski retention system available – no one else even comes close. Though there are bikes out there at a slightly lower cost, they don’t have a ski retention system designed for control in all conditions. You will be limited with them. With a Tngnt Carve All-Mountain Ski Bike, it’s You. On the Slopes. No Limits.

How do I get a ski bike to the mountain?

Tngnt ski bikes are designed to allow for easy removal of the skis for shipping or transportation. But most people use a standard hanging bike rack, which works great with the Tngnt Carve frame.

Is it fun?

Ski biking on a Tngnt Carve is amazing! You can go anywhere on the mountain with a Tngnt Carve. You will find that some of the best places to ride are areas where skiers and snowboarders don’t want to be. Runs that are crudded out or windblown are great with a Carve because the full-suspension frame makes the crud playful and fun. You won’t believe how good your same old mountain is when you experience it differently on a Tngnt Carve.

So why the name “Tngnt”?

Ski biking on a Tngnt ski bike is a tangent off of both mountain biking and skiing or snowboarding. And who needs vowels these days? With fewer letters than the word “tangent,” it’s easier to use some of our favorite hashtags, such as #onatngnt.

How hard is it to put together?

The Tngnt Carve is easy to put together. In fact, the bike is 90% assembled when it arrives in the box. Simply assemble the fork and handlebars onto the frame, put on the saddle, thread in the pedals, and attach the skis. No special tools are required.

What gear is needed?

Besides the bike itself, there is no other ski bike-specific gear. And you get to use your comfy snow boots instead of ski boots!
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